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About Vulcan Knife & Paul Inman

Paul was already a knife maker when he started learning bladesmithing from Bill Moran; Bill is the father of the resurgence of traditional hand forged blades in the U.S. Paul spent several years in Maryland learning the craft of the forged knife. He also spent some time with Rod Chapel and perfected his grinding methods while in the Military at Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

Paul feels it is important to show his appreciation of both Bill and Rodís kindness, as well as patience. Without the influence of both men, Paul would not be the blade smith he is today and has been for over 40 years. He prefers to work with high-carbon steel. Paul and his wife have spent time in both Alaska and Colorado, finally settling in Tacoma Washington, where they have their store.

Dee Button, Paulís wife and business partner, has been in the knife indu... Read More

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Tacoma Weekly News Article about Vulcan Knife

The Tacoma Weekly newspaper ran a profile on Paul Inman and his wife Dee Button, and their company Vulcan Knife of Tacoma.

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