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Mick and Midori purchased Vulcan Knife LLC from Paul and Dee in August of 2020.

Mick trained under Paul Inman, for sharpening, forging and restorations. He is an Army Veteran.

Midori learned leatherwork from Dee and is also a part time special education teacher.

We are both proud to continue the legacy of Vulcan Knife!

Vulcan Knife LLC offers the best sharpening service in the world for knives, cutlery, swords, lawn tools, axes, hatches scissors and many other items.

We also offer a restoration and repair service for current and vintage items. If interested in this service, please send photos of your item via email with a phone number so we can contact you. However, it is best if we can 'see' the item(s) to give you a good quote.

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